In a dramatic moment that is going through the Italian country, the whole world comes together in a tricolor message of solidarity: here are the best videos from the web.

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The Italian flag on the City Hall of San Francisco, California

On the notes of Toto Cutugno, a clip created to show a gesture of solidarity overseas: the City Hall of the city of San Francisco (California, USA) is colored in red, white and green

Good habits never change

Is it not possible to leave the house? No problem: even in quarantine, the Italians keep their habits and passions alive, and the way they do it will surely make you smile.

An outdoor cinema in Rome

Did you think it was possible to broadcast a film about an apartment building? In Rome it happened: meeting outside the balcony to watch a cinematographic work together on the walls of a building opposite.

The symbol of Dubai painted in Italian colors

The Burj Khalifa, one of the symbols of Dubai and the tallest skyscraper in the world, acquires Italian colors, painting itself in red, white and green, leaving space for a moving message thanks to a transaction of spectacular lights.

A song of joy from a balcony in Milan

A Chinese student in Milan entertains the neighborhood with his wonderful voice from the balcony of his home: a song of joy necessary at a time like this.

Giuliano Sangiorgi in concert .. on the balcony

Giualiano Sangiorgi, frontman of the Negramaro musical group, performs outside his balcony broadcasting the small live concert on his social networks: "meraviglioso"!

Many people in Italy and from all over the world are giving their support and love to help overcome this difficult moment. Now you can do it too by making a small donation. Together we can do it. Long live Italy. Click here to make your donation

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