A brief overview about the City Editions, comic book covers specially created for the launch of the DC Comics titles published by Panini

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For the launch of the new DC / Panini Comics titles, 10 regular covers have been created, each set in a different Italian city. They have been created exclusively for the Modenese publisher by 10 international artists and named City Edition.

The special covers, whose release was postponed due to Covid-related problems, were all launched in June this year. Below, the synopsis and the official descriptions that accompanied the release of the comic-books made precious with these beautiful sketches dedicated to Italy.

Here is what Panini Comics wrote about on its official Facebook page:

“There are 10. They are set in 10 italian cities and have been created exclusively for Panini Comics Italia by 10 artists from the world of comics; we're talking about the regular covers of the 10 number 1 that we have decided to call City Edition and that we can't wait to show you”.



From Central City to Naples, Flash arrives faster than light! Andrea Sorrentino dedicates to him this wonderful cover in which our superhero whizzes in front of Vesuvius. You can find it available online and in comics store on Flash 1 since June 4th. 



Flight Metropolis/Rome: a few moments, with Gabriele Dell'Otto and Superman! Finally we can unveil you the wonderful artwork of DC issues#1 by Panini Comics! We open the dances with the Italian capital and the Colosseum becoming the background to the cover of Superman 1.You can find it available online and in comics store on Superman 1 since June 4th!

Green Lantern

20201122193237lanterna verde.jpg

Green Lantern watches over the city of Turin from the Mole Antonelliana. The cover realized by Francesco Mattina represents at most our intergalactic policeman while, wrapped in green light, he flies in front of the monument symbol of the city. You can find it available online and in comics store on Lanterna Verde 1 since June 4th.  

Justice League

20201122193300justice league.jpg

The Temple's Valley is guarded by the largest group of superheroes ever. The Justice League is in Agrigento with this fantastic cover made by Lelio Bonaccorso! You can find it available online and in comics store on Justice League 1 since June 4th!



From the top of Gotham's tall skyscrapers... to the magnificent Ghirlandina! The Dark Knight arrives in Modena with this incredible cover made by Lee Bermejo! You can find it available online and in comics store on Batman 1 since June 4th!

DC Crossover: Superman – L'Ascesa di Leviathan


Who or what is Leviathan? To find out, it will take the most skilled investigators of the DC Universe, which we see in Piazza Duomo, Milan, in this cover made by Matteo Cremona. You can find it available in comics store and online on DC Crossover: Superman - The Rise of Leviathan 1, since June 18. 

Batman/Superman 1

20201122193949Batman Superman.jpg

A clash between titans is taking place inside the Academy Gallery!

In front of Michelangelo's David, designed in this beautiful cover by Simone Bianchi, Batman and Superman are fighting. You can find it available in comics store and online on Batman/Superman 1, since June 18. 

Wonder Woman

20201122194200wonder woman.jpg

Coming down from the balcony of Juliet's House, Wonder Woman drawned in this cover by Milo Manara, conquers Verona and our hearts. You can find it avalaible in comics store and online at Wonder Woman 1, since June 25th.

Harley Quinn

20201122194351Harley Quinn.jpg

Immersed in the Venice Carnival and behind the Rialto Bridge, we find the wonderful Harley Quinn, portrayed in this cover by Giorgio Cavazzano. You can find it available in comics bookstore and online on Harley Quinn 1, since June 25th.



From the depths of the ocean to the Bay of Polignano a Mare, Aquaman peeps out; designed in this incredible cover by Emanuela Lupacchino. You can find it available in comics and online on Aquaman 1, since June 25th. 

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