Not your average science museum. For decades in Naples knowledge meets contemporary society at Città della Scienza.

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In Naples, in the Bagnoli district, there is an interactive science museum, a place to touch and experiment as well as observe.

With large spaces a stone's throw from the sea, permanent exhibitions, a training center and a rich calendar of activities and events, Città della Scienza has always been committed to promoting a new model of knowledge at the service of contemporary society, of the territory and of the new generations.

Every year the museum attracts hundreds of visitors also thanks to one of its most successful events: Futuro Remoto. Thirty-six years after its first edition, the event has now become the most important of its kind in Italy, and among the most relevant in Europe.
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Why to visit Città della Scienza


Workshops, events, conferences, installations. The reasons for going to Città della Scienza are endless.

Attracting hundreds of visitors each year there are also some truly unmissable permanent exhibitions. One of the most important of this incredible science museum is Corporea. Spectators of all ages will have the opportunity to visit the 5000 m2 of exhibition spaces of the first interactive exhibition in Europe on the human body, health and prevention. Moving through 14 thematic islands, you can explore each topic in depth thanks to workshops, virtual reality, games and experiments.

Equally not to be missed is the Planetarium, not only the most advanced in Italy, but also among the most modern in the world thanks to a latest generation projection system. The program is always updated and will surprise you with shows created with the participation of the most important international research centres, including NASA, ESA and many others.

Last but not least, the Spazio Galilei is the historic building where you can find temporary exhibitions for adults and children, or join the events organized by Città della Scienza, in addition to those of the innovative congress centre.

A science museum like no other


Fondazione IDIS - Città della Scienza is much more than a simple science museum, and not only because in its halls you can actively interact with the items on display.

What makes this museum unique is the commitment of the founding team who have been working for more than three decades to carry out a mission: to stimulate and involve visitors to bridge the gap between scientific knowledge and people.

Valuing culture and making it accessible to all, also and above all by promoting the territory and the potential of the new generations, is one of the most important objectives for Città della Scienza and what makes this place truly different from any other.

The primates of Fondazione IDIS - Città della Scienza seem to to be endless. Since 1987, in fact, the Foundation has been organizing a truly unique event. It's called Futuro Remoto and it's an annual appointment that has become, over the course of its 36 years of existence, the most important science festival in Italy.

It's not just an event for insiders, of course. The week of Futuro Remoto is a celebration that increasingly involves the whole city and its tourists, offering a golden opportunity to bring science and progress closer to common people.

The world is so divinely arranged that each of us, in our time and place, it is in balance with everything else.

J. W. von Goethe

Futuro Remoto 2022: new equilibrium

Futuro Remoto

Every year Futuro Remoto has a new theme. The one chosen for 2022 is "Equilibrium". During more than 200 events, live and online, the theme of the year will be explored in every nuance of its meaning.

In an incredible journey between past, present and future, the most evocative exhibitions will lead you to discover the Universe and its laws, with innovative installations to explore, for example, the mysteries of black holes or dark matter. These are Spazio (al Futuro) - Space (to the Future) by the National Institute of Nuclear Physics and Aquae - Il futuro è nell'oceano (The Future is in the Ocean), created by the National Research Council. 

You will even have the opportunity to simulate a walk on the moon, but you will also get to learn more about our planet and the daily life, through exhibitions that focus on the oceans and the climate.

As always, to make Futuro Remoto even more interesting, there will be the participation of professors, graduates and students from seven of the major universities in Campania. You will then have the opportunity to preview the podcasts created thanks to the correspondence of the princess of Strongoli, with the innovative project of the Suor Orsola Benincasa university.

Plenty of room will be given to young people, thanks to the commitment of the University of Naples Parthenope, while with the University of Sannio you will be able to explore issues related to the environment and health, but also to safety and cultural heritage.

The University of Salerno, on the other hand, brings to Futuro Remoto a pavilion full of installations on numerous themes, some of which are sound and interactive to make visitors aware of the issue of sustainability of electronic technologies for the sound.
Environment, sustainability, but also music and literature. You will find all this at Futuro Remoto 2022 also thanks to the incradibly rich program drawn up by the universities of Naples Federico IIOrientale and Ateneo Vanvitelli.

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