Workers of the show business,  from filmmakers and musicians and all the people involved, are protesting against the new decree signed on October 26 which decided to close theatres, cinemas and to forbid all the artistic performance to devoid the spread of Covid-19. The section of the article states that performances open to the public in theaters, concert halls, cinemas, and other outdoor spaces are suspended. A choice that Giuseppe Conte himself, during the press conference, called "particularly difficult": the world of culture has been suffering for months now." The minister of Culture Dario Franceschini comments: "It's a pain to stop, but first the health." Museums remain open.

Cultura Italiae launches a campaign for the Show Business

Just after the Prime Minister of Italy Giuseppe Conte signed a new decree to fight against the spread of Corona Virus on October 26, the web mobilized to try to change the decision. In particular, the campaign launched by the group Cultura Italiae stands out. This is a union of women and men from the cultural, sports, innovation, arts, and business field, which has decided to pool their expertise to carry out concrete projects aimed at best representing Italy’s merit and excellence, believing in culture as the economic hub of the Italian system. Yesterday they opened the signature campaign entitled Vissi d'arte, where they wrote a list of suitable points to protect and expose the efforts made by the professions of the show, such as the security standards adopted immediately after the end of the first lockdown, the difficulties encountered in reorganizing tours and shows and in restoring the confidence of viewers. The signatories include actors, directors, television personalities, and singers who believe that it is no longer acceptable to deprive citizens of their dreams and of being transported far from their daily routine, especially in times of crisis and pandemic. This is the main aim of theatre, cinema, and art in general, to be a way to escape from reality, but also to reflect and to be moved.

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