Are you a Christmas lover but short of ideas for your gifts? Follow our advice and choose the best traditional Italian designs.

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Christmas time has always been the most precious period of the year for discovering unique traditional values, colours, lights, and flavours. But, presents are the real protagonist of this magical atmosphere; on the one hand, children look forward to receiving Sant Claus' gifts; on the other hand, adults buy presents for their lovers to communicate esteem and love.

However, choosing the perfect gift is not that easy and this ritual usually becomes one of the most puzzling issues.

But, don’t worry: here you are our selection of ideas for choosing the best made in Italy gifts!

5. Personalised fragrances


Made in Italy perfumes

Perfume has always been one of the most common gifts, suitable for any occasion, and it is so commonplace that it is almost considered banal. Nevertheless, we want to propose an innovative idea for perfume: personalised fragrances.

Trust your olfactory memory, the scent that reminds you of your special someone, the smell of their favourite dessert or of the place where you first met.

Following these scents, go to one of the many Italian perfume ateliers, where professionals, guided by your evocative descriptions, will create made-to-measure perfumes for your lover.

You will evoke unique sensations and more remote memories through this personalised gift.

There are no women who do not like perfume, there are women who have not found their scent.

Marylin Monroe

4. Handcrafted accessories

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Made in Italy handcrafted accessories

Whether the recipient of your gift is a man or a woman, an accessory will always be the perfect gift to accompany their outfit and make it original. Handicraft is the best Italian sector for local handmade products.

Italian artisans have always been known for choosing the highest quality materials and creating personal objects according to your needs.So, they will produce unique handmade items.

In this handcrafted production, in leather or hide, in metals or precious stones, the products vary a lot: from belts, wallets and shoes to backpacks, bags and jewellery, artisans will embellish your loved people's looks by making them unique and classier.

3. Tailored suits

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Made in Italy suits

The excellence of Italian craftsmanship and tailoring are renowned worldwide. If you are interested in fashion, one of the most appropriate choices for your Christmas gift is the creation of tailored suits in an Italian atelier.

An Italian tailored suit is always a quality gift that will give special emotions.

Italian tailoring is vast, and, depending on your tastes, you can choose the best fabrics, styles and details to have the best made-to-measure garment and completely personalise your outfits.

Italian professional dressmakers will create the most personal clothes, from knitwear with the softest yarns to handmade shirts.

2. Culinary gift baskets

20211207033753Cesto natalizio italiano.jpg

Made in Italy Culinary Basket

Culinary gift baskets are always a great Christmas gift idea.

In creating your Christmas hamper, depending on the relationship you have with the recipient of your gift, you can select different products. The important thing is to avoid pre-packaged baskets and choose your products carefully with a touch of originality to make your basket unique.

The Christmas basket can be genuinely personalised according to your taste, but if you don't have any ideas, here is our view of the perfect food hamper designed to prepare a complete meal: an excellent wheel of mature cheese; a cured salami; a bottle of wine; a packet of pasta, preferably organic or a regional speciality; an Italian sauce; cotechino with lentils; a blend of coffee or, if you prefer, a packet of tea or a herbal infusion; an Italian dessert, preferring the kings of the Italian Christmas culinary tradition, such as Pandoro or Panettone, obviously handmade.

If you're a good chef, you can also consider enriching your gift basket with handmade liqueurs, desserts or marmalade.

1. Experiences in beautiful Italy

20211207032531Esperienze Made in Italy..jpg

Made in Italy experiences

Nowadays, one of the most appreciated and personalised gifts are experiences, and Italy is the perfect place to live unforgettable adventures.

If the recipient of your gift is Italian food and wine lover, you can opt for a sensory gourmet or traditional cuisine tasting experience, for a tour of Italian wine cellars or a simple tour in an Italian city to discover local street food.

If he is keen on local culture, you could consider a stay in an ancient village, to let him discover the history and culture of the Italian most hidden treasures.

If your gift is instead for an adrenaline lover, you could choose to give more extreme experiences, such as flying a helicopter or driving a Ferrari on the track.

On the other hand, for peace of mind adventure, your option could be a stay in a place of relaxation and wellness, on an Italian snowy mountain, or on a beach destination, where your recipient can admire a typical Italian sunset.

After this shortlist of possible gifts, have you chosen what to put under your lover's Christmas tree?

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