Every year, Italian food guides rank the best pizzas and, spoiler! the best in 2021 is not in Naples

00 flour, yeast, olive oil, water, salt, tomato and mozzarella cheese: it seems that there are not many ingredients and cooking this fantastic dish does not seem difficult. But how does a good pizza become superb? What is the secret?

A simple dish as pizza can be elevated to a geniune art form as the country's best pizza makers teach us. Every year there are several gastronomic guides that rank the best pizzas in Italy and award special prizes to pizza makers who, with their mastery, transform the preparation of an essential dish into a work of high culinary creativity.

Let's find out where you can eat the best pizza in Italy for excellence and some special pizzas for real gourmets!

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Pizza dresses the space in colours and scents. And when it arrives on the table, the world falls in love.


The italian championship: the ranking of 50 top pizza

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In 2017, 50 Top Pizza project started 2017 to create rankings that evaluate professionally the world's pizzas. The lists include different categories, from pizza by the slice to takeaway, and closely monitor changing trends in the industry.

The evaluation method involves a large network of more than a thousand inspectors in Italy and around the world who are sent incognito to examine the most important pizzerias, which are evaluated according to the tastiness of the pizza, its digestibility and the pizza maker's ability to make it special.

Let's look at the top 10 in the Best Pizza in Italy category, and surprise, surprise, the top one is not in Naples!

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10. In tenth place we remain in Campania, in the province of Salerno with the pizzeria Le Grotticelle in Caggiano.

9. In ninth place we enter the world home town of pizza, Naples, with La Notizia 94.

8. In eighth place we go up the peninsula to Milan where we find the pizzeria Dry Milano.

7. In seventh place we go back to Naples with Francesco & Salvatore Salvo.

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6. It is always a pizza from Naples that takes sixth place in the ranking: the pizzeria Kalò.

5. For the first time out of the podium the pizza of Pepe in Grani di Caiazzo in Caserta is positioned" only" in fifth place in the ranking.

4. In fourth place we find the pizza of Tigli di Bonifacio in Verona: a nice surprise for the Veneto region.

And here is the podium.

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Bronze medal: The third place for the best pizza in Italy in the ranking of 50 top Pizza goes to Seu Pizza Illuminati in Rome, which climbs the ranking compared to seventh place last year.

Silver medal: The real breakthrough, however, was made by the pizzeria Diego Vitagliano of Naples that from the twentieth place in 2020 this year wins the silver medal.

Gold medal: The top step of the podium does not surprise the experts: for the second year in a row the best pizza in Italy (and therefore in the world) is that of Francesco Martucci of Masanielli in Caserta.

If there is a universal dish, it is the pizza, because it is limited to a common base - the dough - on which everyone can arrange, organise and express their difference.


Gambero Rosso's special pizzas: to make your mouth water!


The renowned wine and food guide Il Gambero Rosso is coming out in 2021 with the eighth edition of Pizzerie d'Italia from Gambero Rosso. This guide does not create rankings but evaluates the excellence of the pizzas through the system of cloves: the categories also do not only reflect great themes such as tastiness but go into more detail, investigating the world of pizza in all its facets.

Let's see some tasty examples together.

Pizza Tasting

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The winner of this category in 2021 is the "Vegetable Revolution" of the pizzeria Da Ezio in Alano di Piave, in the province of Belluno. Here are the ingredients: fiordilatte mozzarella, curly escarole, vegetable carpaccio, puffed Grana Padano chips, gialet bean hummus, hazelnut grains and barbecued extra virgin olive oil.

A wonderful combination of ingredients.

Neapolitan Pizza

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The Neapolitan pizza is a special kind of pizza characterised by a high, soft crust and a dough so delicate that it can be folded in on itself. For this category, the best pizza in Italy is "Fil Felice" from Villa Giovanna in Ottaviano, Naples. It is made with basil pesto, zucchini flowers, yellow tomatoes, mozzarella fiordilatte di Agerola, crispy pecorino wafer, sweet paprika and extra virgin olive oil from Vesuvius.

An explosion of taste of the best Made in Italy products.

Italian pizza

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This is the category that rewards the most classic pizza, a symbol of Italy in the world. The Marinara all'Aglione by Chicco in Colle Val d'Elsa in the province of Siena is composed as follows: creamy Aglione (garlic) and yellow tomatoes from the company il Cavolo a Merenda.

Simple, good, iconic.

Pizza by the slice

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This type of pizza, also known as pizza al trancio (pizza by the slice), is characterised by its quadrangular shape, baked in large rectangular trays, and sold in slices. The best of 2021 was created by pizzeria Tellia in Turin. It is the “Polpo pizza” made with almond cream, wild mustard and octopus cooked at low temperature.

A work of art worthy of the most refined palates.

Sweet pizza

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The most common version of pizza is undoubtedly the savoury one, but let's not forget its sweet version, particularly appreciated by the sweet tooth. For this category, the winner is Pepe in Grani, the pizzeria that placed fifth in the 50 top Pizza ranking. The pizza that earned it this award is the “Pastiera Fritta”: a cone of fried pizza with citrus-flavoured custard, fiordilatte mozzarella, toasted hazelnut grains, mixed candied fruit and orange zest.

A glutton's paradise created from the most authentic ingredients of Campania.

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