Handicraft in Emilia Romagna

Handicraft in Bologna of course rhymes with skillful production of excellent foodstuffs. Cheesemakers, pork butchers and sfogline - the hand-made pasta ladies - are the great protagonists of Bolognese handicraft.

From Parmigiano Reggiano cheese to Mortadella, from tortellini to tagliatelle, the mastery of great traditions of the past still preserves secrets of ancient recipes that will leave you literally breathless. Emilia Romagna region scores the largest number of PDO products in the entire peninsula.

Not only food: leather goods and leatherwork have given birth to well-known and prestigious brands, and the city''s musical tradition, awarded in 2006 to the UNESCO title of Creative City of Music, still lives in the production of violins and stringed musical instruments of the many lutherie workshops.

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