Florence Medici's Mile Tour: Palaces, History & Secrets

Admire Florence's top attractions with this complete guided walk

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This fascinating walk winds along an enchanting itinerary of a mile. Crossing a UNESCO World Heritage area, this may be the highest concentration in the world of wonderful monuments and open-air works of art! Led by a professional local guide, it will be possible to discover the most important sights of the city, retracing the fascinating history of the Medici dynasty, the family which put its power and wealth at the service of patronage and art, laying the foundations of the Renaissance. Learn anecdotes of intrigue, power struggles, secrets and betrayals, but also tales of incredible foresight, which made it possible to leave to the city – and to the whole world – a priceless artistic and cultural heritage. You'll be able to admire the palaces, the monuments, the streets and the squares where the members of the Medici family lived and used their political and economic power over the city.

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What is included?

2-hour guided tour of Medici's Mile with an expert local guide

Where it is

Medici Chapels, 6,Piazza di Madonna degli Aldobrandini