Asinelli Tower + Tasting

Enjoy the best view in Bologna, plus some regional delicacies

4.7 (85 reviews)

Move aside, Pisa. Well, further aside – the Asinelli Tower is the tallest leaning tower in the world! There's over 500 steps to climb, but you'll be glad you made the trek when you see the incredible views at the top. At over 900 years old, this medieval wonder is still standing in Bologna's historical center. The views have certainly changed over the last millennium, but they'll still take your breath away (if the stairs haven't already). After you've climbed the tower, enjoy a tasting of some regional treats – included with your Asinelli Tower tickets.

What is included?

* Asinelli Tower tickets for the chosen time
* Voucher for a crescentina with mortadella tasting or a similar delicacy
* Voucher for artisanal ice cream (or similar) or in winter a hot chocolate with cream (or similar)
* Paper map of the city
* Headphones and audioguide with short introduction of the Tower’s history and traits

Not included

* Guided tour

Where it is

Asinelli Tower, Piazza di Porta Ravegnana