The Conero Riviera is characterized by pristine beaches and paths to explore. Listed to become a UNESCO heritage site since 2018, it is the ideal destination if you are looking for a blue sea and wild nature

Beaches of Conero Riviera

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The coastal strip south of Ancona is characterized by numerous unspoilt beaches. The Conero Riviera offers a great variety for sea lovers. From lonely coves to well-served beaches. The most famous places are located between Sirolo and Numana:

Beach of the two Sisters

So named for the two twin rocks that emerge from the sea, it is a beach of white stones and pebbles. Completely devoid of services, its fame is linked to the legend of the young Miti, a girl who turned into a mermaid after waiting in vain for her lover on the shore of the aforementioned beach.

The path by land is temporarily closed, but the place can be reached by ferry from Sirolo and Numana. The beach has become the symbol of the Conero Riviera thanks to its history and its unspoiled beauty.

Beach of the "black stones"

The pebble and dark gravel beach can be reached on foot or by bus from Sirolo. It is divided by a cliff from the beach of San Michele, one of the best served and equipped on the Riviera.

"Urbani" beach

The crescent-shaped beach is famous for a huge cave that can be visited on the shore. It has been awarded with the Blue Flag several times. Getting there on foot is slightly tiring but possible thanks to a path surrounded by unspoiled nature dotted with pine trees. 

Upper Numana beach - “la Spiaggiola” and low Numana and Marcelli

These are large stretches of golden sand. They are well-equipped beaches, dotted with services and bathing establishments. They are all accessible by car or bus. The municipality of Numana offers a free shuttle that goes around the beaches accompanying visitors. These beaches are also suitable for lovers of water sports. Many establishments allow the rental of canoes and pedal boats, suitable for exploring the coast by burning the calories gained with the good Marche's food.

The Nature: the Conero regional park

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The Riviera is part of the Conero Regional Park. The mountain is a relief of the Umbria-Marche Apennines 572 meters high above sea level. The park is dotted with trails of various kinds. A cure-all for hik+king lovers who don't want to give up a swim. The routes are very varied and with different levels of difficulty.

Many of these are passable on horseback or by mountain bike. The duration ranges from 4 hours (one way) to just 30 minutes. Along the walks, it is possible to meet former monasteries, archaeological remains from the Roman era and caves to explore.

The villages

The inhabited centers of the Conero Riviera are small and welcoming. The aforementioned Sirolo and Numana are two small summer villages populated mainly in summer. They do not offer much from the nightlife point of view, but, on the other hand, they offer a wide variety of places to enjoy an aperitif based on typical local foods.

If you are looking for fun, you should move to Porto Recanati (further south) where discos and nightclubs enliven the nightlife with beach parties and various entertainments.

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