Complex of Palazzo Ducale Mantua

An opulent palace with staggeringly beautiful frescoes, paintings and more

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Built by the wealthy and powerful Gonzaga family over five centuries, the Complex of Palazzo Ducale Mantua is an incredible architectural complex that served as the residence of the family between 1328-1707. Explore some of the 950 rooms, stroll along endless hallways and gaze up at illuminated ceilings. Some of the greatest artists contributed towards the palace's prestige with frescoes, tapestries and paintings. Not to be missed!

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What is included?

Admission to the Ducal Palace
Access to temporary exhibitions (if available)
Access to the Room of the Spouses
Access to S. Giorgio Castle
Access to Old Court
Access to New Court
Accesso to Archaeological Museum

Where it is

Saint George Castle, Piazza Sordello, 40