Colosseum, Underground & Arena Floor: Guided Tour by Night

Enjoy the Colosseum at night with a group of 24 people or less

Get ready to experience the grandeur of ancient Rome’s most iconic architecture as few others have ever seen it. During this Colosseum night tour, you'll explore the Colosseum after dark with a maximum of 24 people. Start your Colosseum night tour outside the famous landmark for a quick introduction. Then, get ready to go through the _Gate of Death_, the exit for perished gladiators. Inside, you'll get VIP access to stand on the arena floor, and stare up through the Colosseum's open-top construction. Imagine gladiators and emperors staring up at the night sky from the same location some 2,000 years ago. A dedicated guide will also paint a picture of what the Colosseum was like at the height of its splendor, as they show you the tiered seating and where nobles would have sat. Then, descend to the complex underground where exotic animals were stored and gladiators prepared for what may have been their final moments on earth.

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What is included?

* Guided tour of Colosseum, Arena, and Underground * Special single access after closing time to: the Colosseum, Arena, and Underground * Headsets to hear your guide clearly

Not included

* Access to Palatine Hill & Roman Forum

Where it is

Colosseum, Piazza del Colosseo, 1