When you meet an interesting person you realize it immediately and when you have the confirmation the
questions come by themselves;
Filippo Torre is a young entrepreneur from the province of Bologna who started from zero and self-made as
many entrepreneurs did, from a bygone era, when the ideas were still many to explore and to give life to.
The place of the interview is, coincidentally, a 1300 'palace that overlooks Piazza Santo Stefano in Bologna
and indicates, thanks to a marble plaque, the building as the home of the Maserati Family, the same
Maserati who in 1914 he started one of the dreams that many people still have in their drawer and that
Filippo has made one of his goals.
Let's start from the idea of 'FLAT IN BO': it is a matter of giving a class product, in this case apartments
located in the Center of Bologna, to people who know how to appreciate and respect it, making a unique
travel experience in one of the most fascinating city that we have the prestige of having; one of the hallmarks
is the details of the apartments, which try to be ecological and ethical as the Core business itself.
The concept of this enterprise is to make a niche product accessible to people who want an independent and
stylish vacation.
The personnel at work are a small group of maximum 28 years young, multi-ethnic and able to speak several
foreign languages in order to accommodate everyone.
Just in the reception they play an exceptional role that makes the tourist also the guest of the city, advising
where to eat, where to have fun and what attractions to visit, the rest does Bologna that has much to say and
much to show.
Filippo tells me that most of his guests are young people between 20 and 40 years of North Europe and America and he tells it with an absolutely positive and sure attitude that his business and his method work;
the method was learned during his first experience in London when he was only 19 years old, who showed
him the way to go and that later took shape in Italy.
However 'FLAT IN BO' could be just a beginning, it could then be 'FLAT IN …. EVERYWHERE' and this is his Mission as well as a sincere wish, for those who with so much effort and with a distinct trait try to create still value where sometimes it is lost but that can still teach us how much beauty there is in our cities.
Every detail is important in everyday experiences and not, so also choose where to stay during a holiday, a special event or a business event can make a difference and show us glimpses that otherwise we could not see.

Here are some channels on which to find more info: pages FB 'Flat in Bo' 'Filippo Torre'

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